What is the meaning of less than perfect? (2023)

What does no less than perfect mean?

idiom (also nothing short of something) only a particular quality in something, and not worse: The chef will accept nothing less than perfection from his kitchen staff.

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What is the meaning of more than perfect?

More than perfect; supremely accomplished; ideal: "He has won a reputation as [a] pluperfect bureaucrat" (New York Times). n. 1. The pluperfect tense, formed in English with the past participle of a verb and the auxiliary had, as had learned in the sentence He had learned to type by the end of the semester.

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What is the meaning for less than?

Less than Definition

It is one of the terms used to show a relationship between two values. It states that one value is lesser than or lower than or fewer than or smaller than the other. The less than symbol is “<” and with this metric, we can compare numbers, weights, heights, and values.

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What does not perfect mean?

Adjective. Having faults or errors. Below average in standard or quality. Physically damaged, broken or blemished.

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What is another word for less than perfect?


1 defective, faulty. 2 incomplete, underdeveloped; immature.

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How do you use less than perfect in a sentence?

I always use the phrase less than perfect in a sarcastic way, meaning that something is not good at all. For example: My date was obviously less than perfect. She was late and in a hurry, and she kept talking about her ex-boyfriend.

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What is the true meaning of perfect?

per·​fect ˈpər-fikt. : being entirely without fault or defect : flawless.

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What is another way to say perfect?

What is another word for perfect?
140 more rows

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What is the biblical meaning of perfect?

In the scriptures, perfect means “complete, whole, and fully developed; totally righteous. … True followers of Christ may become perfect through his grace and atonement.”

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What is an example of less than?

We use “less than” when one quantity is less than the other quantity. For example, 8 carrots are less than 10 carrots is mathematically expressed as 8 < 10.

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What does less than mean in text?

On the internet, > is also shorthand for “implying,” used to mock people online. It's counterpart is <, the less than sign, used to show a value is smaller than another (3 < 4), stand in for the phrase less than in casual writing, or open an item of code in computer programming.

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How do you use less than?

The less-than sign is one of the inequality signs, which is used to compare the number. If the first number is less than the second number, less sign is used. For example, 5 < 10. It means that the number 5 is less than the number 10.

What is the meaning of less than perfect? (2023)
What does no less than 100 mean?

You use no less than before an amount to indicate that the amount is surprisingly large. [emphasis] The Amazon is no less than 200 miles wide at its mouth.

What does no less than 100 words mean?

It means that whoever wrote or spoke the phrase needs to brush up on their English. It should be “Fewer that 100 words”, which means “99 words or fewer”.

What does no less than mean in math?

In a similar manner, “no less than” is translated to “greater than or equal to”, represented by ≥.

What does no less than 500 words mean?

It usually means a maximum of 500 words, not an essay that is exactly 500 words. You can have as many sentences within those parameters as you need.


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